The Godzilla Room
Closeup: Bandai Showa Shelve

The Bandai Showa Godzilla Shelve

I recently rearranged the Bandai Showa Godzilla shelve hoping to display the figures better. I found some nice long boxes to help raise some of the figures even higher. Here's a closer look, starting in the middle and going to the right.

Standing front and center is the first ever Bandai Godzilla vinyl figure, Godzilla 62. To its right are versions of Godzilla 54. The Real Action Series Godzilla 54 is the first ever standard sized figure of Godzilla 54 Bandai had produced. Along side is the latest version of Bandai's Movie Monster Series Godzilla 54. In front is the Takara Microman Godzilla 54. The Oxygen Destroyer is part of a Hyper set that was released for 2002 that included an extra vehicle with each figure. In this case, the Hyper Godzilla 54 had this Oxygen Destroyer. The latest Movie Monster Series Godzilla 68 and in the back, the 92' released Rodan. I still need to get ahold of the 89' version.

At first glance, it would appear that the 89' version of Minya is darker than the 92' version. Yet I pulled back the arm of the 89' version to find the color underneth is the same as the 92 version, so the 89' version is just worn. 89' and 92' releases of Godzilla 64 are in the back of Minya. MechaniKong, Toho Kong and Mysterians Mougera are on the right side. I've been wanting to add two more Kamakiras since there were three in the Toho film "Son of Godzilla". In the front, a diorama from the Directory Series and the recent Hyper Mothra Larva 64.

Raised up in the back are the 88' releases of Godzilla 64 and both color versions of King Ghidrah. Also on top is Gorosaurus and Mothra Larva 64.

Next are the 84' releases of Godzilla 64 and King Ghidrah (orange version). 89' and 92' versions of Angilas and another Mothra Larva 64. In the center, the popular Bandai Baragon. Unfortunately, it's difficult to see the boxed Mothra Adult 64 in the back.

The original 84' released gold version of King Ghidrah. The most easiest to recognize of the various King Ghidrah's Bandai has produced with its fully painted mouths. Go to the "Complete Godzilla Bandai List" and click the "Standards" link to learn more about the color variations.

Several MechaGodzilla figures. The two up front are the regular and chrome Die Cast MechaGodzilla 74. To the right is the first 84' released standard MechaGodzilla 74. The two similar in the back are the 89' and 92' versions along with the standard King Seesar. In front of those are the Movie Monster Series MechaGodzilla 75, Titanosarus, and clear vinyl Exclusive MechaGodzilla 75. In the very back is the Real Hobby Series Godzilla 64. On the bottom right is a early Bandai Candy toy of MechaGodzilla 74

The Movie Monster Series Godzilla 74 is front and center with 89' and 92' releases of Gigan in the very back. The 92' released Megalon, I still need to add the 89' version, and the standard and Movie Monster Series Jet Jaguar are on the right. Early Bandai Candy Toys of Mothra larva and Gigan. Another diorama from the Directory Series. The tank is not from the Godzilla series, but looks nice on the shelve.

Last is the Standard and Movie Monster Series Hedorah. There are still color variants of the standard Hedorah that I would like to get.

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