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The GMK Godzilla 2002

The year 2000 was the "Return of Godzilla". After a five year hiatus since the Toho film "Godzilla vs. Destroyah", Toho Studios felt they can do a better film than Tristar's "Godzilla 98" and released "Godzilla 2000" in 1999. The response was mixed in Japan and America, despite Sony's support for a U.S. theatrical release of the film. Toho bounced back with "Godzilla vs. Megaguirus" the following year. While the film was well perceived, attendence failed at the box office and did not receive a U.S. theatrical release. Even Bandai had little confidence in the films success as toys from the film was produced as a "Blister Pack" to insure all the toys were sold. It had been mentioned the blister pack had lower quanities made than the Theater Exclusive figures. But, what was more surpising is instead of Toho quiting on Godzilla, they decided to take the King of the Monsters in a new direction.

Godzilla is once again "reinvented" with a new look and a story line seperate from the "Millennium" films. Gamera director Shusuke Kaneko is given his opportunity to direct his first Godzilla film. The result is a box office success of not only the most controversial Godzilla film ever made, but the appearence of Godzilla itself.

Fans have rated "Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: All Monsters Attack" from the best of the series to the worse. The 2002 Godzilla suit has been regarded as a "favorite" to a "dislike" among fans. While it would be fun to go over the pros and cons of the film and the suit, this article is meant to look at the Godzilla vinyl toys which resulted from the film.

Bandai Godzilla 2002

As Toho made changes to Godzilla for 2002, so did Bandai, the most popular maufacturer of Godzilla toys. Bandai returned its Godzilla toys to the 8 inch standard scale for this film and produced a very accurate and menacing looking Godzilla 2002.

Bandai Godzilla 2002 (closeup)

Despite flaws found in the suit during the film, few have compalained about the toy itself. Bandai countinued the tradition of variant figures and produced a Theater Exclusive and a Event Exclusive Godzilla 2002.

Bandai Theater Exclusive Black and Event Exclusive Clear Godzilla 2002.

Yet, the most popular version was released later as a Hyper Hobby Exclusive. Made in clear transparent vinyl with glitter, injected with black coloring and highlighted with gold and silver.

Bandai Hyper Hobby Exclusive Godzilla 2002

Soon after the release of GMK, toy company M1 produced their version of Godzilla 2002 and ranks as one of the most popular figures M1 has ever produced.

M1 Godzilla 2002

Like Bandai, M1 released several coloer versions of their Godzilla 2002. Some as show and event exclusives in limited quantities making it hard for collectors to obtain every version released.

M1 HMV Exclusive Blue & Lottery Exclusive light Blue Godzilla 2002

Surpising to this date, Marmit, know for their popular Parababies and Monster Heaven Series, have yet to add a Godzilla 2002 to their lineup. A company named "Sunguts" has produced a small GMK Godzilla figure, but one of the most realistic versions of Godzilla 2002 was produced by CCP.

CCP Godzilla 2002

While collectors will say this figure is a good example of the many flaws the suit had in the film, that is what makes this figure great because it actually is a very accurate representation of how the suit looked in the film. While collectors don't like the squating position Godzilla is in, the pose does represent Godzilla battling Baragon, a figure CCP is suppose to release and has been overdue for sometime now.

CCP Godzilla 2002 (closeup)

Even U.S. companies have produced GMK Godzilla figures. X-Plus U.S.A. produced a solid PVC GMK Godzilla, while Bandai Creation avoided using Bandai Japan's magnificent version of Godzilla 2002 and created a figure unique to thier line.

Bandai Creation & X-Plus U.S.A. Godzilla 2002

Several Model kits have been produced focusing on the GMK Godzilla and several of the battle scenes. West Kenji offered a prebuilt version of their large Godzilla 2002. Bandai also offered several representations of the GMK Godzilla for their High Grade, Hyper, Gummi, Polystone, Real Action, and Directory Series. The Bandai DX Godzilla 2002 is also another popular Bandai Release. Bandai Creation also released a playset that focused on the Kaiju from "All Monsters Attack" called "The Crumble Zone".

As "Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, All Monsters Attack" continues to be debated, no one can deny the toys generated from the film are abuntant and incredibly made. "GMK" struck a cord in the kaiju fan and the toy business community and hasn't been felt again since.

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