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Megahouse Arts Works Monsters Godzilla 54

Megahouse, more recently known for thier Artworks Collection Series of Godzilla diorama figures based on the popular artwork of Yuji Kaida, has continued the Godzilla Artworks series in a big way by producing a giant sized verison of
Godzilla 54.

Godzilla 54 comes secured in a very large sized box that pictures artwork and the actual figure on the box

Godzilla 54 is made of thick hard vinyl and requires the tail to be assembled. It is necessary to use a hot blow dryer to soften both ends of the tail to put them together due to the thickness of the vinyl which would make it impossible to attach if not heated up

Godzilla 54 stands an incredible 18'inches and looks best displayed on a high shelve or cabinet as the figure appears to look down at you.

The Megahouse Godzilla 54 appears to be assembled and painted as would a model kit. On close inspection, you can see the connecting joints on the jaw, neck, arms, legs, and tail. MegaHouse did a more than decent job covering and painting over the joints and are not noticable from a short distant. The figure sports no articulation.

Godzilla 54 has a smooth detail and is very faithful to how Godzilla appeared in the original film. The most appealing feature of this figure is the pose. Most Godzilla figures tend to be made in a striaght up posture that has been done countless times. MegaHouse Godzilla 54's body is turned, taking a forward step with its tail curved and looking down in a manner as it observes the devestation it has caused.

The look of the face of Godzilla 54 is nicely done. The mouth is slightly open enough to see the teeth and the eyes are highlighted nicely instead of just white/black eyes that are normally found on figures of this scale.

What truly makes this figure great is the overall size. Not often a Godzilla figure is produced in this scale in vinyl form. This figure is big enough to step on its 6'inch Bandai counterpart. The MegaHouse Godzilla 54 is also surprisingly heavy.

Upon first glance of pictures of when the Megahouse Godzilla 54 was announced, I wasn't too interested. But when I finally saw the figure, I was most impressed. The detail, size, and pose really influenced me to add this figure to my collection. Like I mentioned, there are too many Godzilla figures made in a straight up pose, so it's nice to have a Godzilla figure that appears to be on the move. The wrinkles on the body and the chest are nicely done and the arms are position well. The legs appear accurately sized to the body and the feet are well sized as well.

Some of the drawbacks on the MegaHouse Godzilla 54 figure is the price. A collector may have to spend upwards of $275 on this figure in the United States. Shipping this large sized and heavy figure from Japan can easily add over a hundred dollars to the amount of the price as its sold in Japan. As far as the figure itself, I'm not too impressed with the spines. I can't say if it's because of the pose, but the spines appear to be undersized and inaccurate to how they are suppose to look. Or maybe it's because of the color, for the light colored ivory doesn't bring out the spines very well.

Another drawback is the tail and the paint job. The tail is curved far too much and appears unnatural. I can understand it's a big figure and there is space limitations for placing the figure in the box, but I still feel the tail didn't need to be curved that much. The paint job of the figure is not bad. The highlights are nicely done, especially when hiding the joints. But I would've perfered another color than the greenish paint used on the figure. Majority of Godzilla fans know Godzilla is not green and on a kit of this size, a dark grey or even a dark brown would've captured the overall appearence of Godzilla 54 much better.

For a first attempt, MegaHouse did a slendid job on Godzilla 54 and is worth getting if you can afford the high price tag. It has been announced that MegaHouse will be producing a giant sized Godzilla 62 to the series that has become much anticipated.

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