The Complete Godzilla Bandai Directory list

Godzilla Dream

2005 saw Hobby Japan released a book illustrating the complete history of Yuji Sakai's work. Called "Godzilla Dream", this book focus on all the model kits Master Sakai has produced, including work he did for Bandai, as well as a step by step process of constructing a Giant Godzilla 62 kit from scratch. An extra bonus was also included with the book, a diroama sized Godzilla 2000 Marquette.

Godzilla 2000 Marquette

The Godzilla 2000 Marquette is not featured as a diorama and stands alone on a simple flat base with a nameplate. The Godzilla figure itself is larger than the figures from the previous directory sets and is incredibly detailed.

Those that purchased the book also got a sneek preview of "Godzilla Complete Works #3.

Godzilla Complete Works #3

Bandai released Complete Works #3 in 2006 with a tie in to a film "Godzilla, Final Wars". Bandai, once again, produced seven diorama figures including a variant Chase figure. While the figures weren't numbered, they were still packaged in seperate boxes with no indication on which figure you were buying. Here's a look at each diorama.

#1 Godzilla 65

Another previous released kit that has been added to the Directory Series. Dancing Godzilla has been a well known and popular kit with Master Sakai doing an incredible job downsizing the kit to three inches. Dancing Godzilla also sits on a thick, sturdy post that won't bend or wear out. Dancing Godzilla is the only diorama in "Complete Works #3" that was previouly a kit.

#2 Godzilla 68

A great scene of Godzilla attacking the Kilaak base in the film "Destroy All Monsters".

#3 Godzilla 72

This scene represents Godzilla in Worlds Children's Land during its battle with Gigan in the film "Godzilla vs. Gigan". Godzilla displays bloody wounds on its head and shoulder as a result of its battle with Gigan.

#4 Godzilla 75

This scene represents Godzilla on the verge of battling Titanosaurus and MechaGodzilla in the film "Terror of MechaGodzilla".

#5 Godzilla 92

A creative diorama display by Master Sakai of Godzilla looking up as Mothtra or Battra approaches to battle during the film "Godzilla vs. Mothra 92". Collectors have mentioned the displeasure of inserting each mast into the boat resulting in quite a task to have each mast sit straight.

#6 Godzilla 2000

A great diorama display of Godzilla rampaging through Tokyo during the ending of the film "Godzilla 2000".

#7 Godzilla 2005

Despite Yuji Sakai producing a Final Wars poster version kit of Godzilla 2005, Master Sakai creates a new sculpt of Godzilla 2005 for the Directory Series. The diorama represents Godzilla after it was freed from its icy prison.

Chase Figure Godzilla 65

Godzilla 65 Chase figure has white lettering on the nameplate and Godzilla is a painted greyscale variant when compared to the regular version of the diorama.

There has been a window box set released by Bandai that has three dioramas that were reissued. I have little information on this box set, but it has pictures of scenes from "Mothra vs. Godzilla 64" on the cover of the box and the figures are reissues of Godzilla 54, Godzilla 64, and Godzilla 2003 dioramas. I'll update this when I have more information.

Godzilla Complete Works #4 is in the production. I don't know the release date or the exact figures that will be released, but this set will complete each Godzilla film for the Directory Series. To be updated when more developments arise.

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