The Complete Godzilla Bandai Directory list

Godzilla Complete Works #2

Bandai released Complete Works #2 in 2004 with no direct tie in to a film, but is connected to the 50th Anniversary. Bandai, once again, produced seven diorama figures including a variant Chase figure. While the figures weren't numbered, they were still packaged in seperate boxes with no indication on which figure you were buying. Here's a look at each diorama.

#1 Godzilla 55

A memorable scene when Kobayashi pilots his plane into the icy mountain after it was struck by Godzilla's ray. The result traps Godzilla in ice allowing the military to attempt one last strike against Godzilla. So creative is Master Sakai to produce a diorama of a scene from one of the seldom seen Godzilla films.

#2 Godzilla 64

From the film "Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster", Mothra Larva returns, this time by Godzilla's side to battle King Ghidrah in another memorable scene when Godzilla throws a boulder at King Ghidrah. This diorama marks the second time Mothra Larva was included in the Directory Set and as of this writing, is the only kaiju to make two appearance.

#3 Godzilla 67

A new sculpt representing a scene of Godzilla patting Minya on the head after successfully firing an atomic ray from the film "Son of Godzilla". Minya marks only the third kaiju to be included in the Directory series.

#4 Godzilla 71

The diorama captures the scene when Godzilla holds Hedorah's eyes with the remains of Hedorah at Godzilla's feet during the film "Godzilla vs. Hedorah". Yuji Sakai's care for detail shows as Godzilla clearly has the damaged eye and the bone hand as a result of Godzilla's battle with Hedorah. Can the remains of Hedorah include the Smog Monster as the fourth kaiju in the Directory Series?

#5 Godzilla 89

The only Diorama from Complete Works #2 that was previously produced as a model kit. The Appearance of Godzilla 89 from Mt. Mihara from the film "Godzilla vs. Biollante" is the most simpilist of the dioramas since the base is only a crater.

#6 Godzilla 94

A scene from one of the most dislike Godzilla films to possibly the most popular diorama of the entire Directory series. From the film "Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla", Yuji Sakai creates what is easily the largest diorama of the series with Godzilla toppling Fukuoka Tower, which stands over six inches tall surrounded by crystals that are as large as Godzilla. Collectors have mentioned this diorama was the most difficult to assemble.

#7 Godzilla 2001

An interesting choice of scene for a diorama since it focuses on a flashback of Godzilla attacking a power plant in 1966 during the film "Godzilla x Megaguirus". But a scene beautifully captured by Master Sakai.

Chase Figure Godzilla 2001

A painted variant of Godzilla 2001 was used to represent the black and white period of Godzilla attacking a power plant in 1966. The chase figure is done in a greyscale black and white. The nameplate lettering is done in purple.

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