The Complete Godzilla Bandai Directory list

Godzilla Complete Works #1

Bandai retitiled the Diorama Series "The Complete Works" and have continued to use the name since. This has resulted in some collectors claiming the Diorama set from 2002 is not part of the Complete Works Series despite the only real difference is the name change. Collectors are intitled to form their own opinions, but if you are a completist, "Godzilla Appearance 1 and 2" are part of the series. Released in 2004 for "Godzilla X Mothra X MechaGodzilla, Tokyo S.O.S.", Bandai, once again, produced seven diorama figures including a variant Chase figure. While the figures weren't numbered, they were still packaged in seperate boxes with no indication on which figure you were buying. Here's a look at each diorama.

#1 Godzilla 62

While Yuji Sakai produced several kits as stand alone with no base, it makes it difficult to tell, when it comes to the Bandai Dioramas, if Master Sakai used examples of any of his stand alone kits and added bases to create these dioramas. The Godzilla 62 appears to be a new figure and represents the King of the Monsters challenging King Kong during their first encounter.

#2 Godzilla 64

This diorama is a good example of one of Yuji Sakai's previous stand alone kits, with a base added to make the diorama. This scene represents Godzilla walking after making its first appearance, emerging from its underground prison.

#3 Godzilla 74

A new sculpt representing one of the most popular scenes in Godzilla's history, when the King of the Monsters magnetize itself during its battle with MechaGodzilla 74, resulting in power lines attaching to it.

#4 Godzilla 84

Another diorama that was never a released as a model kit. The diorama captures the scene when Godzilla grabs the train during the film "Godzilla 84".

#5 Godzilla 95

One of the most popular dioramas of the entire series, Burning Godzilla rampaging through the city of Hong Kong. Never produced as a kit, Master Sakai did an excellent job in recreating one of the most memorable appearances in Godzilla's history.

#6 Godzilla 2002

Another of Yuji Sakai's most popular model kits becomes part of the Directory series. The appearance of Godzilla 2002 with the boat falling to its certain doom is another memorable moment in Godzilla's film history.

#7 Godzilla 2004

It would be expected a diorama would be made to tie in with the new movie "Godzilla X Mothra X MechaGodzilla, Tokyo S.O.S.". Yuji Sakai created a great diorama of Godzilla walking through the Diet Building, yet this diorama doesn't accurately discribe a scene from the film since Godzilla fell on the Diet Building than walking through it.

Chase Figure Godzilla 95

A painted translucent variant of Godzilla 95 was used to create a burning effect using clear orange vinyl for Godzilla and accurately painted. It's been mentioned that some of the buildings are translucent as well. The nameplate lettering is done in yellow. Many collectors have agreed that this particular chase figure has been the most difficult to obtain from the Directory Series.

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