The Complete Godzilla Bandai Directory list

Godzilla Directory Set

Bandai reinvented the Diorama Series allowing the figures to be assembled and secured on a base. Released in 2002 for "Godzilla X MechaGodzilla", Bandai produced seven diorama figures including a variant Chase figure. Each are numbered according to the figures repected year and were packaged in seperate boxes with no indication on which figure you were buying. Known as "Godzilla Appearance 2", the series started to become known as the "Directory" set in the West. Here's a look at each diorama.

#1 Godzilla 54

While Yuji Sakai has made several model kits of the 54 Godzilla, this is the first time Master Sakai recreated the famous image from the Japanese Theater Poster of Godzilla 54 facing the cannons. White lettering is found on the nameplate to represent the actual title from the original film.

#2 Godzilla 62

Was previously produced as a model kit by Master Sakai. The model and diorama represents the reverse picture image that is found on the box of the Marusan Plamodel Godzilla kit.

#3 Godzilla 64

While other model and toy companies have released representations of the Mothra Larva 64 biting Godzilla's tail, Yuji Sakai has never produced a model kit of this scene from "Mothra vs. Godzilla". Mothra Larva 64 is the first kaiju, other than Godzilla, to be a part of the Directory Series and a stand is included with the diorama to support Mothra.

#4 Godzilla 66

Another diorama that was never a released as a model kit. The diorama captures the scene when Daiyo encounters Godzilla while trying to escape the Red Bamboo in the U.S. titled film "Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster". As of this writing, Daiyo is the only human character represention that's been included to the Directory series.

#5 Godzilla 91

Possibly one of Yuji Sakai's most famous model kits, Godzilla attacking the submarine in the film "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah". It's only natural that this kit would be part of the Directory Series.

#6 Godzilla 2003

With the release of the film "Godzilla x MechaGodzilla" it was only natural that Bandai would want dioramas that tied into the new film, resulting in Yuji Sakai to produce a diorama that recreates the scene when Godzilla first emerging from the ocean to confront Kiryu.

#7 MechaGodzilla 2003

Master Sakai creates an incredible diorama of Kiyru in the hanger bay. As of this writing, Kiryu is the only one of Godzilla opponents to have its own Diorama.

Chase Figure Godzilla 54

What has become common with Bandai's Capsule and Candy Toy Series, a limited Chase figure, which tends to be a color or translucent variant of one of the figures produced from a set, is randomly included in each case with no guarantee that each case will have one.

Godzilla 54 Chase figure has red lettering on the nameplate and Godzilla is a brown variant compared to the black color of the regular version.

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