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Godzilla Appearance Set
Godzilla Directory Set
Godzilla Complete Works #1
Godzilla Complete Works #2
Godzilla Dream/Godzilla Complete Works #3
Godzilla Complete Works Final

Godzilla Appearance Set

For years, Bandai has been known for producing several popular capsule and candy toys, such as the High Grade, Hyper, and Super Deformed figure series. In 2000, for the film "Godzilla X Megaguirus" Bandai began producing Diorama sets that have since become one of the most popular and anticipated series among collectors. The main source contributing to this popularity is the involvment of well known model maker Yuji Sakai. Fans of the model magazine "Hobby Japan" are well familiar with Master Sakai's work in creating the most accurate and detail kaiju kits. Yuji Sakai's model kits are heavily sought after by kit builders and command big dollars. Master Sakai himself sculpts each diorama, some based on kaiju kits he has created in the past and brand new sculpts never before seen. Here is a special look at Bandai's Diorama Series.

Godzilla Meikan

The Appearance of Godzilla 54 at the Diet Building

Known as the Godzilla Appearance Set, the first set of the diorama series were originally statues that required no assembly.

The Appearance of Godzilla 62

Released in 2000 for "Godzilla X Megaguirus, these dioramas were released in a window box with pictures of all the dioramas in the set and a picture of Master Sakai scuplting the Godzilla 2000 Marquette on the back.

The Appearance of Godzilla 64

Each diorama is around three inches tall and are individually numbered. Godzilla 54 no.1, Godzilla 62 no.2, Godzilla 64 no.3, and Godzilla 95 no.4.

The Appearance of Godzilla 95

Godzilla 54, 62, and 64 were previouly produced as model kits by Master Sakai, while Godzilla 95 is a brand new scuplt.

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