A Special Look at...
The Bandai DX Transforming G-Force Mogera

Assembling Star Falcon & Land Mogera

Transforming the Bandai DX G-Force Mogera has quite a degree of assembly, yet not very difficult. Each part snaps and connects in place with little worry of damaging the toy. The first step is to seperate the top and bottom portions of Mogera.

Bandai DX Transforming G-Force Mogera Top & bottom seperated.

First to assemble is the Land Mogera, which requires removing the back of the figure from the body and sliding out the head. keep the arms poining forward. A large drill head is also needed to complete the Land Mogera.

DX Transforming G-Force Mogera top portion disassembled w/ large drill head.

Next step is to slide the head piece into the body and attach the back in place with the bottom wheels exposed.

Land Mogera partially assembled.

The large drill head may be the most delicate part of the assembly. The large drill fits tightly on the front of the body and care nust be taken, especially when removing the drill head from the body. Once the drill is attached, assembly is complete.

Land Mogera

Next is the Star Falcon. First step is to remove the center plate found on the lower body.

Lower body with center plate removed.

Next is to place the feet back where they can lock in place.

Front feet placed back.

Snap the center plate to the center of the top of the midsection. Next is to gather all the accessories to complete the Star Falcon.

Star Falcon partially complete w/ accessories.

Wings are placed on the side of the legs and top of the tail. Weapons are next placed on top/front of the legs completing the Star Falcon.

Star Falcon

Star Falcon & Land Mogera

While the Star Falcon and the Land Mogera are out of scale when compared to the Bandai Standard Godzilla 94, both battleships fit nicely with the CCP Godzilla 94.

Star Falcon, Land Mogera, CCP Godzilla 94 & Bandai Godzilla 94.

No other toy company has ever produced representations of the Star Falcon and Land Mogera.

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