The Complete Godzilla Bandai DX/Battery Operated Series


1995 saw Toho release "Godzilla vs. Destroyah". With a good amount of DX figures previously released, Bandai was able to reissue some figures with making a few modifications.

HeatWalk Godzilla & SuperWalk Destroyah

The HeatWalk Godzilla is reissued from last years PowerfulWalk Godzilla, except the figure sports a new feature. After being activated, a mechanism heats up the latex that changes the color of the chest to creat a "burning" effect. You have to leave the toy running for quite some time for the process to take effect. The box pictures the actual toy and the tail needs to be assembled.

The SuperWalk Destroyah is very impressive. Much larger when compared to the standard Bandai figure and more inscale with the standard Burning Godzilla. This figure can walk, open its mouth, roar, and flap its wings. This figure made a brief appearence during Animal Planets "It Came From Japan" documentary. The box pictures the actual toy and the tail and wings needs to be assembled.

Real Action Destroyah

Bandai continued the Real Action Series releasing Burning Godzilla and Destroyah. Burning Godzilla is reissued from the 1993 version, but painted to display its burning stage. Destroyah is more inpressive with its wings spread out, unlike the standard vinyl version. Unfortunately, the wings don't flap. Both boxes picture the actual suit from the film.

RadioactiveBlast Godzilla (box)

Bandai also reissued the RC RadioactiveWalk Godzilla. Interesting, while being a 1995 release, the figure displays no "burning" effects. The RadioactiveBlast Godzilla functions the same as last years version, but this time, the remote control is the Super XIII.

RadioactiveBlast Godzilla (unassembled)

The box pictures the actual toy and the tail and spines needs to be assembled. Super XIII has parts on trees and requires the wings to be assembled.

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