The Complete Godzilla Bandai DX/Battery Operated Series


1994 saw Toho release "Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla". Bandai continued to produce battery operated figures including a DX figure that don't require batteries.

PowerfulWalk Godzilla 94 & SparkWalk SpaceGodzilla

The PowerfulWalk Godzilla can walk, open its mouth, and roar when turned on. The box pictures the actual toy and the tail need to be assembled.

The SparkWalk SpaceGodzilla is regarded as Bandai's best representation of the kaiju. The figure can walk, open its mouth, roar, and has a special feature where the shoulder crystals light up and flash. The box picture the actual toy and the tail needs to be assembled.

1994 also saw Bandai produce its first DX figure that didn't require any batteries.

DX Transforming Mogera

The DX Transforming Mogera does not have any lights or sound but has the unique feature to be transformed into the Star Falcon and the Land Mogera.

The Star Falcon

To assemble the Star Falcon, the G-Force Mogera has to seperated from the upper body. The front plate found on the front of the lower body has to be removed and placed in the center of the top of the body where it was attached to the upper body. The tail is lowered evenly with the legs and wings are placed on the tail and on the side of the legs. Guns are inserted on the upper part of the legs and the feet can be repositioned for completion.

Land Mogera (side)

To assemble the Land Mogera, the back of the figure needs to be unattached to remove the head. The head is then turned upside down and put back in the body. The back is reposition to expose the wheels and reattached to the body.

Land Mogera (front)

The arms are positioned forward and a drill is placed in the front center of the body for completion.

The DX Transforming Mogera requires a great amount of assembly when removed from the box, but the assembly is not that difficult. The box pictures the actual toy and stickers are included.

Bandai continued the Real Action Series by adding Godzilla 54, King Ghidorah, and Space Godzilla to the line up.

Real Action Series Godzilla 54, King Ghidorah, & Space Godzilla

It's interesting that Bandai's first ever version of Godzilla 54 was made for the Real Action Series. The box somewhat pictures the toy. The box for Space Godzilla pictures the actual suit. The Real Action King Ghidorah is most unique since it has the ability to not only walk, but move its heads and flap its wings. The box pictures the actual toy.

Bandai also produced the Radio Control RadioactiveWalk Godzilla 94. The figure can walk, open its mouth, roar, and light up its spines with the use of a remote control. The box pictures the actual toy and the tail and spines need to be assembled.

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