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MechaGodzilla 93

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MechaGodzilla 93

No company has produced more Godzilla related Deluxe/Battery-Operated toys than Bandai. Since 1993, Bandai has been producing numerous DX/Battery Operated toys in conjunction with the latest Toho Godzilla film. While some of Bandai's DX/Battery Operated figures are considered "must have collectables", others have been known as "undesirable" among collectors. This list will focus on each Godzilla related DX/Battery Operated figure Bandai has produced and their function abilities.

Real Hobby Series Godzilla 64

Have you ever wondered what was Bandai's first ever Battery Operated figure? Released in 1983 as part of the Real Hobby Series, Bandai produced a thick green rubber Godzilla 64, which is considered one of the most acurate looking representaion of Godzilla released at that time. Using a magnet, the Real Hobby Godzilla 64 would light up its spines, eyes, mouth, and would start blinking. The figure required it's hands, feet, tail, mouth, eyes, and spines to be assembled to the body. The figure was released in a box that pictured the Godzilla 64 suit, as well a scenes from "Mothra vs. Godzilla 64" on the sides of the box. The Real Hobby Godzilla 64 have been known to be found painted, but was released by Bandai unpainted.

It took Bandai 10 years to produce another battery operated figure. For the Toho film "Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 93" Bandai produced several DX/Battery Operated figures that year.

DX Godzilla 93

The Bandai DX Godzilla 93 can walk, open its mouth, and roar when turned on. The Bandai standard Godzilla 92 mold was used for this figure and both are nearly identical when compared to each other.

DX Godzilla 93 & Standard Godzilla 92

The figure was released in a box that pictures the actual toy. The tail needs to be assembled.

DX MechaGodzilla 93

The DX MechaGodzilla 93 lights up its eyes, mouth and can roar when a magnet/G-Force badge is placed on the chest area of the figure. Garuda is also included, but requires the back of the figure to be removed and replaced with an attachment to support Garuda on MechaGodzilla's back. The DX MechaGodzilla 93 fits inscale with the DX Godzilla 93.

DX MechaGodzilla 93 & DX Godzilla 93

The box pictures the actual toy. The tail needs to be assembled and stickers are included.

DX Godzilla/MechaGodzilla 93 2 Pack

The DX Godzilla/MechaGodzilla 93 2 pack saw Bandai re-released the DX MechaGodzilla 93, but has more of a chrome plated finish than the stand alone DX MechaGodzilla 93.

DX MechaGodzilla 93 2 Pack version & Stand Alone DX MechaGodzilla 93

Godzilla is a new mold that lights up and roars when activated by a magnet/wand. The tail need to be assembled. The figures come in a box that pictures the actual toys. The toys are placed in a plastic tray that does not fully support the weight of the figures and tends to warp the box.

King Scale MechaGodzilla 93 & Godzilla 93

The King Scale Godzilla 93 is the same size as the Bandai Large Scale Godzilla 91 and can walk forward, side to side, move its arms, head, opens its mouth, roar, and has a light in its mouth. All at the touch of its remote control Maser Tank.

Maser Tank for King Scale Godzilla 93

It has been mentioned that the latex skin tends to crack around the knee areas of the figure after repeated use. the figure comes in a large size box that pictures the actual toy.

The King Scale Mechagodzilla 93 has been ranked as one of the Top 100 Greatest Godzilla Collectables. It is the largest MechaGodzilla ever produced by Bandai. Fashioned after the DX MechaGodzilla 93, this figure roars and lights up with the use of the same magnet/G-Force badge. This time, no attachment needs to be made for connecting Garuda to MechaGodzilla. Collectors have mention that Garuda doesn't fit securely and tends to fall off MechaGodzilla. The box pictures the actual toy and the tail needs to be assembled. Stickers are also included.

1993 saw Bandai introduce the Real Action Series Godzilla 93, which consists of a motorized exo-skeleton and rubber latex suit that you would place the exo-skeleton in. This series required a complicated degree of assembly and hasn't always been a favorite among collectors.

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