Finding Treasure
Bandai Pearl Godzilla 2000

It's fair to say, if you're a Godzilla collector, you have found yourself watching eBay, making bids, and even winning actions. I have added many Godzilla items to my collection from winning auctions on ebay. Even though I've won my share of auctions, I've lost some too. But there was this one time where I wound up losing an auction, but still got what I wanted, before that auction even ended.

December of 2000, Toho was releasing "Godzilla X Megaguirus". Anticipation is always high at the end of the year for Godzilla fans. Not just for a new Kaiju movie, but for the toys expected to be released. November of that year, I saw a toy show up on eBay I knew nothing about.

It was a Japanese seller offering a Bandai Limited Pearl Godzilla 2000. The description said it was a give away item for employees and attendees to a opening of a new theater. The figure resembles the Crystal Godzilla 2000, but had a light purple highlight that resembled the color of a pearl. The figure was tagged, but it was a very odd tag for it did not have the "Bandai" logo and the back of the tag was blank. I felt this figure was so unique that I just had to have it. I threw in a bid of $350 and was the high bidder.

The one thing about eBay, there's always someone watching auctions and more than likely, plan to bid on the item you want. Even though I expected others to bid on the Pearl Godzilla, I didn't expect to lose my high bid so quickly. What was worse, the new high bidder was a well known Bandai collector. Though I had never met him, I knew he was a big time collector and I would either have to bid very high and hope I can take the high bid or just accept defeat.

Before I could decide my next move, I received a e-mail from someone in China I had never met. He told me he was watching the auction for the Pearl Godzilla and told me he had one and offered it to me for $400. Naturally, I wanted pictures and found he indeed had a Pearl Godzilla sending me better pictures compared to the ones in the auction. I was very nervous about the deal. I've never dealt with anyone from China before, I had to send a Money Transfer, and I had to totally trust that this guy was going to come through with the deal. I decided I was going to go through with it. If things went well, the Pearl Godzilla would be on its way to me before the eBay auction even ended.

Then something unexpectant happened. On various message boards, the buzz on the Pearl Godzilla auction was very high and collectors began to suspect the Pearl Godzilla was a fake. While the tag of the Pearl Godzilla was suspect, earlier that year, dye jobs were done on the Bandai Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2000 where samples of a red and green Glitter Godzilla surfaced. Two fellow collectors did some experimenting with dye and was successful in recoloring the Bandai Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2000.

Samples of dyed Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2000

Now if wasn't worried enough about getting ripped off on the deal I already made, now I have to worry about getting a fake Godzilla figure. Fortunately, a well known Godzilla dealer had contacts at Bandai and was able to confirm Bandai did produce the Pearl Godzilla. That was good enough for me, though some collectors still felt the figure was a fake. In time, I received my Pearl Godzilla and was very happy and lucky I was able to get such a rare figure.

I watched the ebay auction for the Pearl Godzilla end and while I don't remember how much the auction ended at, the price was much higher than what I paid. The talk of the Pearl Godzilla being a fake soon died down when the Bandai Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2001 and Megaguirus sported tags similiar to the Pearl Godzilla. To this day, Bandai has released several translucent figures, much to the displeaser of Godzilla collectors. Despite the undesirable abundance of Bandai translucent figures and the poor economy, the Pearl Godzilla still retains its high value with Bandai collectors still on the hunt to add this rare figure to their collection.

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