The Complete Godzilla Bandai Museum List

Bandai Museum Exclusive Toho Figures Part 2

2005 saw Bandai Museum reinvent the packaging, once again, for the next exclusive figures. The new Toho Monsters would be packaged this time in boxes. This new process had American dealers sell the new Exclusives for around $100 due to the incresed shipping costs for dealers ordering large quantities.

Boxes for Bandai Museum's Baragon and Gigan

The boxes pictured an incredible lineup. Gigan, Baragon, Angilas 55, MechaGodzilla 75, Godzilla 75, and King Ghidrah were expected to be produced as Bandai Museum Exclusives. The first figure released was Gigan.


Bandai Museum's Gigan is not as accurate as the kaiju appeared in its films, yet the figure is very detailed and dynamic looking. The figure is made of hard vinyl, yet the pinchers on the sides of Gigan's jaw are soft and bendable which won't break easy.

Gigan (side view)

Articulation on the Bandai Museum Gigan can be found in the legs, tail, and arms. All claws and spikes are fairly sharp on the figure.


Bandai Museum's Baragon was released a few months after Gigan. The box is similiar yet colored grey and numbered "7". Gigan has a red box and numbered "6". Baragon is very accurated to the way the kaiju appeared in the Toho film "Frankenstien Conquers the World". The detail and painted highlights are incredible. Only the arms and tail can move. No doubt one of the best vinyl figure of Baragon ever made.

Baragon (side view)

Collectors speculated which would be the next Bandai Museum Exclusive from the projected lineup and anticipated its release, yet no new figures were ever produced by Bandai Museum. It had been reported that older stock was still available in the Bandai Museum store, stock that was limited to begin with. It's believed that the Bandai Museum decided to end the line due to poor sales. It has also has been reported that Bandai Museum had closed its doors and is no longer in business, yet rumor has it the Bandai Museum is expected to move to a new location. If any news comes to light that the Bandai Museum line will continue, you can find updates here.

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