The Complete Godzilla Bandai Museum List

Bandai Museum Exclusive Toho Figures Part 1

2004 saw Bandai Museum produce exclusives of a few Toho Monsters that surpised collectors. These Exclusives were sold in clear plastic bags with a header card. The figures were also secured in a plastic case. With the new Exclusive figures sold in bags and not large sized blister packs, American dealers saved on shipping costs, resulting in the new Exclusives sold at a lower price, but still at around $80.

Here's a look at each of the Bandai Museum Exclusive Toho Monsters.


Toy companies as far back as Marusan have produced a figure of Gorosaurus, yet none of those figures are as accurately detailed as Bandai Museum's Gorosaurus. The tail and head have articulation and the lower jaw can close.

Gorosaurus (closeup)

Bandai Museum's Gorosaurus ranks as the best vinyl representation ever of the kaiju dinosaur. The next following Exclusives can also claim this title.

The Yog Monsters

At this time, very few companies have produced monsters from the American titled Toho film "Yog, Monster from Space". Bullmark and Baremodel come to mind. Yet Bandai Museum went all out in producing excellent representations of Gezora, Ganime, and Kameba. Each figure was sold separately and costly for collectors that desired a set. Here's a closer look at each figure.


Bandai Museum's Gezora stands about ten inches tall and is posed like it's moving forward. The figure only has articulation in the front two tentacles.

Gezora (side view)

The detail in the head and tentacles found on the Bandai Museum Gezora are truely amazing and satisfying to Gezora fans.


Bandai Museum's Ganime is ten inches wide and 9.5 inched long. Only the front claws have articulation. The atteneas are thin and fragile.

Ganime (side view)

the Ganime Exclusive is so realistic to the way the kaiju appears in the film, the quality is just incredible.


Bandai Museum's Kameba is the smaller of the three, yet sports an interesting feature. As the kaiju did in the film, Kameba's head can extend out its body, incresing its length from ten inches to eleven inches. The only other articulation found on the figure is the lower jaw that can slightly close.

Kameba (head extended)

Bandai Museum's Yog set became quite popular despite collectors having to spend around $80 for each figure. One can only expect the value of these figures to increase in the future.

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