The Complete Godzilla Bandai Museum List

Bandai Museum Exclusive Godzilla Figures Part 2

The Bandai Museum continued producing Godzilla Exclusive figures in 2004. Instead of using reissues of Bandai Japan Godzilla figures, new scultps were created of larger and more realistic looking versions of Godzilla. The first two produced were Godzilla 62 and later, Godzilla 54.

Godzilla 62

While a few toy companies had produced vinyl figures of the 62' version of Godzilla, the only way you can really get an accurate representation of the KingGoji was as a model kit. Bandai Museum's Exclusive Godzilla 62 was the first accurate vinyl figure ever produced. Made by Popy, a subdivision of Bandai, Bandai Museum's KingGoji was sold in a blister pack with the tail required to be assembled. The backcard pictures versions of Godzilla 62 and Godzilla 54, which would be released later in 2004.

Godzilla 62 (closeup)

As excited as collectors were to finally have a fine representation of Godzilla 62, the price tag was higher than those expected. American dealers easily ask $100+ for the new Exclusive, but despite the higher cost, the majority of collectors couldn't pass up such a great example of Godzilla 62.

Godzilla 54

Bandai Museum's Godzilla 54 was sold in the same manner as Godzilla 62. Same style blister pack with the same backcard, no doubt to save costs on packaging.

Godzilla 54 (alternate view)

While Bandai Museum's Godzilla 62 was hard to pass up, the same couldn't be said for the next exclusive, Godzilla 54. Commanding the same price tag as the KingGoji, it was difficult for collectors to invest high dollars in Bandai Museum's Godzilla 54 when Bandpresto had produced a larger and more stunning version of Godzilla 54 back in 2002.

Godzilla 2005

Photo courtesy of Dan Miller

Bandai Museum also produced Godzilla 2005 to tie in with the Toho film "Godzilla, Final Wars". Once again, The same style of Blister pack was used for the figure, yet a new backcard was made featuring the artwork representation of Godzilla 2005 used for the "Final Wars" theater poster.

Godzilla 2005 (closeup)

Photo courtesy of Dan Miller

Bandai Museum's Godzilla 2005 failed to appeal to the majoritity of Godzilla collectors upon the time of its release. Once again, American dealers were asking up to $100 for this exclusive. During that time, Bandai Japan and Bandpresto also released great versions of Godzilla 2005 at a much more affordable and reasonable cost.

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