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Bandai Museum Godzilla Exclusives Part 1
Bandai Museum Godzilla Exclusives Part 2
Bandai Museum Toho Exclusives Part 1
Bandai Museum Toho Exclusives Part 2

Bandai Museum Godzilla Exclusives Part 1

The Bandai Toy Museum is best known as the "Character's Hall of Fame" located in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture North of Tokyo, Japan. The Museum is devoted to Television and Movie Heroes, as well as showcasing and selling toys. Yet collectors in the West know the Bandai Museum more for thier Godzilla and Toho Kaiju Exclusives.

The Bandai Museum introduced its first Godzilla Exclusives in 2003 using the popular Bandai Burning Godzilla mold and scaling down the figures to the six inch scale and creating variants of the popular Forever Series Glitter, Meltdown, and Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla.

Bandai Museum Exclusive Glitter, Meltdown, & Melting Godzilla

In a confusing and controversial fashion, Bandai Museum's first Exclusive Godzilla figures turned out to look more like Chinese knockoffs. The paint jobs turned out dull and undesirable. The tags are cheaply done, using a white card with a single sticker placed over both sides of the card.

Tag used for Bandai Museum Exclusive Godzilla figures

The figures are done in hard vinyl, unlike the Godzilla figures Bandai Japan had been recently producing with much softer vinyl. The three Exclusives had a limited run with American dealers easily asking $100+ for a set. This Exclusive set is the only time the Bandai Museum used previous released Bandai Godzilla figures.

Bandai Museum Exclusive Glitter Godzilla

Bandai Museum Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla

Bandai Museum & Bandai Toy's Dream Project Meltdown Godzilla

Bandai Museum Exclusive Melting Godzilla

Bandai Museum & Bandai Theater Exclusive Melting Godzilla

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