The Complete Godzilla Bandai Creation List

Bandai Creation Five Wave Series

2009 found Bandai Creation releasing Wave 5 of their popular 6.5" Godzilla figures. Bandai Creation introduced two new figures to the line Godzilla 54 and MechaGodzilla 74 and, for the first time, Bandai Creation reissued Godzilla 2000, Godzilla 68", Hedorah, Destroyah, and Final Wars Angilas as part of Wave 5. A practice Bandai Japan has been guilty of for serveral years.

Packaging is similiar to Wave 4 with the Black and White Final Wars Godzilla used. The back is updated with the two new figures and four of the reissues. Interestingly, Final Wars Angilas was not pictured in the packaging.

The reissued figures are pretty much identical to the orginal figures released. Destroyah is the only figure that may have alternate spray highlights.

Godzilla 54

The new Godzilla 54 is much improved from Bandai Creations First Wave Godzilla 54 and very different from previous released vinyl figures of Godzilla 54 from other companies. The spines and tail are nicely done and the figure is more bottom heavy which actually looks more acurate to how Godzilla looked in the Original film.

Godzilla 54 (closeup)

Articulation can be found in the head, arms, legs, and tail. The arms are position to display different poses, unlike the first wave Godzilla 54, which looked stiff.

MechaGodzilla 74

Bandai Creation made a suprising move with a newly sculpt MechaGodzilla 74, as the figure has yet to be released in a 6"inch by Bandai Japan. MechaGodzilla 74 is very detailed, right down to the wrinkles in the body and legs.

MechaGodzilla 74 (closeup)

Collectors have express concerns over the position of the arms. This collector has grown tired of straight up vinyl figures with no pose and find the Bandai Creation MechaGodzilla 74 cleverly made and quite unique. The tail could be longer, but it's not critical to the overall appearance.

Bandai Creation made another surprising move by releasing a 12" Final Wars Gigan. Packaging for the 6.5" figures does not sport a picture of the 12" Gigan 2005. Interestingly, packaging for the 12" Gigan not only features the 6.5" Godzilla figures, minus Final Wars Angilas, but previously released 12" Godzilla 2005 and MechaGodzilla 2003.

12" Gigan 2005

Bandai Creation outdid themselves with the 12" Gigan 2005. A figure Bandai Creation did not need to produce, but showed innovation to what would be a difficult figure to release that size in vinyl form.

12" Gigan 2005

Top heavy due to the massive claws, Gigan 2005 has its legs bent and the tail curled in an awkward position for the main reason to support the figure. Collectors have expressed displeasure of the position of the tail, but it does not distract from the overall look. Gigan 2005 is very detailed and matches well with Bandai Creations 12" Godzilla 2005. My main complaints are the spines on the neck and tail molded together, the lack of painted highlights in the inside of the fins, and the pinchers on the end of the tail being undersized. Still a pretty amazing figure for a toy.

While it was unfortunate that Bandai Creation resorted to reissuing previous Godzilla figures, the company outdid themsevles with the three new figures to the line. With Godzilla's continued film hiatus, no one would blame Bandai Creation to discountinue the series completely. With the announcement of a new Godzilla film scheduled for 2012, the likelyhood of new Godzilla toys will continue in America. It will be interesting to see if Bandai Creation is going to release Godzilla figures inconjunction with the new upcoming film.

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