The Complete Godzilla Bandai Creation List

Bandai Creation Fourth Wave Series

While the new Wave Four Bandai Creation 6.5" Godzilla figures appearing on the shelves of a popular Toy Outlet store in 2007, it took roughly 6 months for the 12" Godzilla 2005 and MechaGodzilla 2003 to finally appear in a different retail toy store.

Confusion countiues as a few online stores had previously offered the Bandai Creation 12" Figures, as well as appearing in online auctions before appearing on the retail shelves. A theory could reflect the retail price of the Bandai Creation 12" figures. At a higher retail price, toy and retail stores may be concerned customers may not want to spend very much on Godzilla toys and worry inventory may not move out of the store. A good example is the Bandai Creation Pack of Destruction and how they sat on the shelves for a few years. With the Pack of Drestruction retailing for $14.99 and not being moved, can explain why the Crumble Zone, retailed for $19.99, never made it on the Toy Outlet store shelves with fears that product will not sell quick enough. With the Bandai Creation 12" Figures retailing at $14.99, these may never show up on the shelves of the Toy Outlet stores that have sold the Bandai Creation Godzilla figures from the start. The concern for Godzilla toys not selling well in retail stores can lead back to 1998 and how toys from the TriStar Godzilla film sold poorly and ended up on the clearence shelves. To this day the TriStar film continues to be a sore spot for us fans, yet we are fortunate Bandai Creation countiues their brand of Godzilla toys.

12" Godzilla 2004

The packaging for the new 12" figures changed in size as the package is just over 13" long. The back pictures 12" figures, as well as the 6.5 Godzilla figures.

12" Godzilla 2004 (closeup)

Bandai Creation did their own take on Godzilla 2005 as the figure hardly resembles the actual 2005 suit version, even when comapred to the Bandai Creation 6.5" version of Godzilla 2005. Despite the figures inaccurate look, the 12" Godzilla is a nicely done representation that is very detailed and ferocious looking.

12" Godzilla 2005 (front)

There's a possibility Bandai Japan's DX Godzilla 2005 may be the inspiration of Bandai Creation's 12" Godzilla 2005, but there is still no resemblence between the two figures. Collectors have mentioned having problems with loose leg joints and tails.

12" MechaGodzilla 2003

While the 12" Godzilla 2005 is found to be inaccurate to the original suit, the 12" MechaGodzilla 2003 is nearly dead on as to the way the robot appeared in the Toho film "Godzilla X MechaGodzilla 03".

12" MechaGodzilla 2003 (cloeup)

Bandai Creation's 12" MechaGodzilla 2003 may be the most accurate looking figure in the entire line. Detailing is incredible and looks very ferocious. The only draw back is the end of the tail which is stubby at the end and could be a bit longer. Though packaging could have been the issue, I rather see the tail raised and looking more accurate, than shorter and stubby just to fit the figure on the packaging.

12" MechaGodzilla 2005 (front)

There's high anticipation on Bandai Creations Wave Five Series. Collectors expect to see a new series of figures instead of declaring the series over now. While Bandai Creation still has many figures to work with from the Bandai Japan Movie Monster Series, the Bandai Creation 12" line may be in jeopardy. Retail Stores that have been committed to the Bandai Creation line not stocking the 12" figures may show Bandai Creation not to take a risk in producing more 12" figures. Here's hoping there will be a countinued series of Bandai Creation 12" Godzilla figures.

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