The Complete Godzilla Bandai Creation List

Bandai Creation Fourth Wave Series

Early September of 2007 saw new Wave Four Bandai Creation Godzilla figures appear on the shelves of a popular Toy Outlet store in various parts of the United States with no advance advertising of the new upcoming toys. Starting to sound familiar?

With no new Godzilla films and the collector market itself taking a downward slide, Bandai Creation continued its line of Godzilla 6.5' sized figures, producing four newly sculpt figures based on toys previously released by Bandai Japan. Bandai Creation continues to use the same style packaging used previouly, yet for the Wave Four series, the color of the packaging is changed to Grey & Black with new pictures of King Ghidrah and Gigan 72 in the background. Rodan's wing is also captured in the background with Ghidrah. The actual picture of the Godzilla 2005 suit is still displayed on the front. The back of the packaging announces and displays the new Wave Four figures. 2007's lineup features: Godzilla Millennium, Destroyah, Godzilla 68, & Hedorah. The packaging also announces Bandai Creation's first set of 12' sized figures: MechaGodzilla 2003 and Godzilla 2005, which have yet to be seen in stores. Also, as of this writing, Wave Four Bandai Creation figures have yet to be found in any other retail stores. Here's a look at each figure including comparisions with toys produced in Japan.

Godzilla 2000 Millennium

Bandai Creation's Godzilla 2000 has become very popular and in high demand upon its initial release. The figure is beautifully sculpted and is considered the best Godzilla figure in the entire Bandai Creation Series.

Godzilla 2000 (front)

Collectors are well aware that Bandai Godzilla figures previouly produced have a more straight up posture. Bandai Creation's Godzilla 2000 is made in an attacking pose having Godzilla stepping foward, creating a unique look for the vinyl figure. Other major diffences when comparing to past Bandai Godzilla figures are the spines found on Godzilla which are usually made straight and evenly going down Godzilla's back. The Bandai Creation Godzilla 2000 figure has the spines more spread apart creating a more realistic look. While the tail on Bandai's Godzilla figures are often straight or bent in an angle, Bandai Creation's Godzilla 2000 has a full curved tail, not often found on Bandai figures. Collectors have mentioned the dislike towards the style of the tail, yet it's obvious the tail is made that way so the figure can fit in the packaging. It just seems collectors are not used to seeing a Godzilla figure's tail in that manner. I feel the only draw back on the figure is the lack of detail paint found on Godzilla's claws and are done rather sloppy, yet I have yet to hear complaints on that.

Godzilla 2000 (back)

When compared to Bandai Japan's Godzilla figure, similarities can be found, yet both figures are completely different from each other.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Godzilla 2000

It appears Bandai Creation simply resculpt the Bandai Japan Godzilla 2000 figure to create the new Bandai Creation Godzilla 2000 using the Bandpresto Godzilla 2000 as inspiration. This wouldn't be the first time Bandai Creaton figures have been compared to Bandpresto's previous figures. Bandpresto has been known to be a subdivision of Bandai Japan and Bandai Creation may have access to those figures. While Bandai Creation's Godzilla 2000 figure is similiar to size when compared to the standard 7'in Godzilla 2000, The 50th Anniversary Memorial Box Godzilla 2000 is smaller when compared.

Bandai Creation & Memorial Box Godzilla 2000

Bandai Creation's Godzilla 2000 has articulation in the arms and legs, yet the head and tail cannot turn. The Bandai Creation Godzilla 2000 also fits nicely inscale with the Bandai Japan Orga.

Bandai Creation Godzilla 2000 & Bandai Japan Orga

The Toho film "Godzilla 2000" has always been a favorite among newer and younger fans being introduced to the fandom. With the Bandai Japan Godzilla 2000 figure being eight years old now, this figure has gone up in value and become difficult to find. Despite the Godzilla 2000 figure being the most produced Godzilla figure by Bandai Japan, the majority of the figures were sold as "Theater & Event Exclusives" or in sets like the Bandai Megaguirius Blister pack & the 50th Anniversay Memorial Box. Now Godzilla fans can add a very impressive Godzilla 2000 figure to thier collection Thanks to Bandai Creation.


Bandai Creation's Destroyah has also become popular with collectors. While the figure has a more straight up posture, the head is turned and appears to be roaring back. The main features collectors have noticed on the figure is the wings which are nicley spread out and can be fold back. Bandai Creation's Destroyah is also the first vinyl figure to sport the extra smaller sized wings as well. The tail is curved up high enough that the pinchers can be seen behind the figure. The postion on the tail no doubt reflects the packaging porpose for the figure.

Bandai Creation Destroyah (closeup w/wings folded inwards)

The wings on the Bandai Creation Destroyah are more PVC than vinyl and are similiar to the Bandai Japan Real Action Destroyah. The only flaw is one of the claws on the top side of the wings is undersized and near non-exsistent, yet hardly a distraction.

Bandai Creation Destroyah (back)

Articulation can be found on the arms, legs, wings, and end of the tail. The head cannot turn. Collectors have mentioned the arms don't fit well with the figure, yet I hardly find it a distraction from the overall look.

Bandai Creation Destroyah & Movie Monster Series Destroyah

When comparing the Bandai Creation Destroyah to Bandai Japan's Movie Monster Series Destroyah, the U.S. version is clearly the more desired figure. Bandai Creation's version also fits nicely with Bandai Japan's Movie Monster Series Burning Godzilla.

Bandai Creation Destroyah & Bandai Movie Monster Series Burning Godzilla

With Bandai Creation producing a Burning Godzilla for Wave One, it just seems fitting for Bandai Creation to produce a Destroyah figure to pair the two.

Bandai Creation Destroyah & Bandai Creation Burning Godzilla

Update 3/15/08
There appears to be two paint variants of the Bandai Creation Destroyah. One with deeper painted reddish spray on the shoulders/chest and ones without.

Bandai Creation Destroyah with & without deeper painted spray

Godzilla 68

Not so surprising that Bandai Creation would go with a Godzilla 68 figure. Bandai Japan's version of Godzilla 68 was reissued from the 50th Anniversary Memorial Box in 2006 and would allow Bandai Creation to sample the mold. The result is a completely different look between the U.S and Japanese versions

Bandai Creation Godzilla 68 & Bandai Movie Monster Series Godzilla 68

Bandai Creation's Godzilla 68 stands and inch and a half taller than the Movie Monster Series version. The texture of the skin, the spines, position of the hands, and the curved tail are all different when compared to the Bandai Japan Godzilla 68. The only real similiarities are the color of the vinyl and the face which just happens to be the main drawback to the U.S. Godzilla 68.

Collectors disliked the darker vinyl and the pink color of the mouth of the Bandai Japan Movie Monster Series Godzilla 68 when released. It seems surpirsing Bandai Creation would change so much on the 68 Godzilla, yet stay with these colors. Even the eyes on the U.S. figure are done in a sloppy manner giving Godzilla 68 this wide eyed look. While the Bandai Creation Godzilla 68 has a more angry look, it just doesn't seem to fit in this case.


Like Bandai Japan, Bandai Creation also produced thier own Hedorah figure to go with its Godzilla 68. The results are most interesting and not for the better.

Bandai Creation's Hedorah nowhere resembles Bandai Japan's Movie Monster Series Hedorah, which happens to be a magnificent scuplted figure. While Bandai Creation was able to cover up some of the joints on the other three Wave Four figures, no attempt was made to cover the joints on Hedorah, which are most distracting when viewing the figures. Hedorah has no points of aticulation. The tail is curved and looks undersized, and the bubble sack normally found on the back of Hedorah is absent. There are also paint variants found of the Bandai Creation Hedorah. Some with dark highlights and some with brighter spray.

Hedorah (back)

the only close similarities with the U.S. and Japanese versions are the top of the head and the eyes. I even have to say this is a mess of a figure, especially when compared to Bandai Japan's amazing version of the Movie Monster Series Hedorah.

Bandai Movie Monster Series Hedorah & Bandai Creation Hedorah

Bandai Creation also made the same mistake Bandai Japan made undersizeing Hedorah when comparing to Godzilla 68. Funny thintg is, Bandai's Movie Monster Series Godzilla 68 is more inscale with Bandai Creation's Hedorah.

Bandai Creation Godzilla 68, Hedorah,& Bandai Movie Monster Series Godzilla 68

Update 3/15/08 A fellow collector going by the name of Elmeaux from Katy, Texas informed me that he found the 12' Bandai Creation Godzilla 2005 and MechaGodzilla 2003 at his local Toys R' Us retailing at $14.99 Also included a picture from his phone camera. Thanks, my friend.

Just received this post from fellow collector David off the Vinylmaddness Message Board.

Hello everyone! Just to confirm what Jean just said, I was in Toys R Us today (in Wichita, Kansas). There was an empty spot on the shelf right next to the Bandai Creation 6.5 inch figures and the tag under that empty spot read: Bandai Godzilla 11 inch, $14.99. The clerk wasn't sure if they had just sold out of what they had or if they were just getting the place reserved for incoming stock. He said to check back at the end of next week. But yes, they are in TRU.

Bandai Creation 12' Godzilla 2005 & MechaGodzilla 2004

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