The Complete Godzilla Bandai Creation List

Bandai Creation Third Wave Series

Bandai Creation continued its 6.5 inch Godzilla Series by releasing its third wave of figures in 2006. The new set of figures are tied in to the latest Toho film "Godzilla, Final Wars". Bandai Creation updated thier packaging using an actual picture of the Godzilla 2005 suit with a blue backgound with images of the original King Ghidrah and Gigan. The back of the packaging displays the new figures, yet no mention of Godzilla's 50th Anniversary. While the new figures are listed on the packaging as 2004, as per the release of "Godzilla, Final Wars", the kaiju are commonly known as 2005 versions and this articale will refer them to that year. Bandai Creation also did not give advance word that the third wave was even being produced with many collectors finding the new figures on the shelves of the Toy Outlet Store that has continued to sell the Bandai Creation Godzilla Series from the beginning. The third wave of Bandai Creation figures also were found in toy sections of a chain of major drug and pharmacy retail stores. Here's a look at each figure including comparisions with figures produced in Japan.

Godzilla 2005

On first inspecting Bandai Creation's Godzilla 2005, as well as the rest of the new figures, the obvious difference when compared to the previous released figures from Bandai Creation is the larger size of the new figures. While the previous Bandai Creation's Godzilla figures stand at 6.5 inches, Godzilla 2005 stands at seven inches and stands a full inch taller than Bandai Japan's Godzilla 2005 from the Movie Monster Series.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Godzilla 2005

Bandai Creation's Godzilla 2005 has often been compared to Bandpresto's eight inch size Godzilla 2005. Bandpresto has been known to be a subdivision of Bandai Japan. While there are close similarities to the Bandai Creation and the Bandapresto Godzilla 2005, the U.S. version lacks the dynamic pose displayed by the Bandpresto version.

Bandai Creation & Bandpresto Godzilla 2005

The only other obvious differences found on the U.S. version is the long arms, the paw like hands, and the darker glossier vinyl. All three figures mentioned sport the same articulation, except Bandai Japan's Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2005, which cannot turn the tail.

Bandai Creation, Bandai Japan, & Bandpresto Godzilla 2005

Gigan 2005

Bandai Creation's Gigan 2005 also stands seven inches tall and is almost 8.5 inches high at the tip of its back fins. While similiar to Bandai Japan's Movie Monster Series Gigan 2005, difference found between the two are the tail end spikes that find the U.S. version's spikes more wider apart, the puffyness of the back fins found on the U.S. version with lack of detail paint found in between the spines, as well as darker blue highlights found on the body of the U.S. version, but the most curious difference found on the U.S. version is the pose of the legs and the stubby feet.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Gigan 2005

It's possible Bandai Creation wanted to go with a pose similiar to the Bandpresto Gigan 2005, yet Bandai Creation fails to pull this off as the leg postions just don't look natural.

Bandai Creation & Bandpresto Gigan 2005

The same articulation can be found on all three figures mentioned, except the Bandpresto Gigan can rotate its tail while the others cannot.

Angilas 2005

Labeled as "Anguirus 2004" on the back of the packaging. This is the correct spelling used by Toho, yet old habits die hard and I'll be refering to this figure as Bandai Creation's Angilas 2005.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Angilas 2005

No comparing needs to be made when refering Bandai Creation's Angilas 2005 to Bandai Japan's Movie Monster Series Angilas 2005. The size difference found on the U.S. version is obvious upon first inspection. While the length of both figures are the same, the U.S, version is much bigger in body size and bulkier. The scuplt for the U.S. version is also different, for the Bandai Creation Angilas 2005 stands above the ground and cannot be postioned to rest on its tail like the Japanese version can. Articulation is the same for both figures, except the Bandai Creation Angilas 2005 cannot rotate its tail.

Rodan 2005

There are very little similiarities when comparing Bandai Creation's Rodan 2005 and Bandai Japan's Movie Monster Series Rodan 2005. The U.S version stands 6.5 inches tall with a near ten inch wingspand, while the Japanese version stands six inches tall, yet has a 10.5 inch wingspand. The scuplt is very different when compared to the Japanese version. The wings are shaped different with the point of the wings hanging down, while the Japanese version has the point of the wings going vertical. The fingers on the U.S. version are longer and more spread out. An improvement found over the Japanese version is the larger head with a more expessive look on the face of the winged kaiju.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Rodan 2005

The one downside found on the U.S. version is the position of the legs and the oversized feet. Bandai Japan's version of Rodan 2005 has the legs spread out, giving the figure better balance. The U.S. version has the legs close togther and with the figure being more top heavy due to its larger size, has difficulty standing unless the feet are positioned just right. With very little articulation found on both figures, the U.S. version can slightly turn its head while the Japanese version cannot.

There's speculation whether the Bandai Creation Series will continue after the third wave of figures. Many feel this is truely it for the U.S. Godzilla toys, yet many felt the toy line was done after its first initial release. Now that the Bandai Creation Godzilla figures are being found in more major retail chains, the line is proving to be a good seller. Despite no new Godzilla films are being made to tie in any new toys, the Bandai Creation figures had never featured any advertising with only knowledged fans recognizing any tie in to any of the Toho films. Bandai Creation even avoided using any 50th Anniversary promotion as well. With several figures produced for the Bandai Japan Movie Monster Series, Bandai Creation can easily continue the line, especially with only using four figures a year. There's still known samples of Mecha King Ghidorah and Angilas 68 Bandai Creation has already made and can still produce. There's still a good chance the Bandai Creation Godzilla Series will keep going and check here if there are any updates.

9/08/07 *Breaking News* It's been discovered Bandai Creation has just released its new Wave Four series to the American line. The figures in the new line-up are Godzilla 68, Godzilla 2000, Hedorah, and Destroyah. They appear to be new scuplts as the figures have been from the previous series. The packaging is similiar as Wave Three yet the color is grey and the Godzilla title is bright red. The back of the packaging also announces upcoming figures of MechaGodzilla 2003 and Godzilla 2005 in a new 12'inch scale. Michigan, so far, is the first state where these figures have been found. Check back for more updates.

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