The Complete Godzilla Bandai Creation List

Bandai Creation Second Wave Series

Many collectors felt the first wave of Bandai Creation Godzilla figures ran its course and would disappear into history as another line of American Godzilla toys that failed to make an impact in our hobby. Yet collectors were surpised and shocked to find a second wave of new Bandai Creation Godzilla figures stocked on the shelves of outlet toy stores that originally sold the first wave of Bandai Creation figures and Pack of Destruction.

No advance word was given that these new figures were produced and no samples were ever shown that Bandai Creation considered these new kaiju would be added to the line. A move that left collectors puzzeled by Bandai Creation's methods and speculated the new wave of figures was limited stock that would go away after its initial release.

Here's a look at each figure from the Wave 2 series and any comparisons to figures produced by Bandai Japan.

Godzilla 2002

Bandai Japan's Godzilla 2002 has yet to be scaled down to the Six Inch Series, which makes it interesting that Bandai Creation took it upon themselves to produce thier own version to the new line up. Unfortunately, while it was a noble attempt, Bandai Creation failed to make Godzilla 2002 as accurate as the kaiju appeared in the Toho film "Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, All Monsters Attack" and measures down when compared to Bandai Japan's Standard version.

Comparision of Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Godzilla 2002

While it wouldn't make a difference to kids that intend to play with the toy, knowledged collectors find several flaws to the figure such as the stubby feet, finding the spines uncut from the mold, and the paw like hands. The worst feature is the small/narrow head that fails to capture the ferocious look of the King of the Monsters. Though I can acknowledge that this figure is a toy meant for kids, Bandai Creation could've done a better job.

King Ghidorah 2002

Where Bandai Creation failed with it's version of Godzilla 2002, the U.S. company outdid themselves with thier own version of King Ghidorah 2002. Bandai Japan has yet to produce a scaled down version of thier Standard King Ghidorah 2002, but the Standard figure has also been regarded as an unpopular figure with its awkward stance and lack of posture. Bandai Creation's King Ghidorah 2002 stands straight up and is well detailed.

King Ghidorah 2002 (back side)

Articulation can be found in the wings and tail, unfortunately the heads/necks can't be posed. It was a good move on Bandai Creation's part to pair it's Godzilla 2002 with King Ghidorah 2002, something they failed to do with thier first wave figures, like pairing Burning Godzilla with a six inch Destroyah.

Space Godzilla

Bandai Japan's Space Godzilla has often been criticized by collectors for the companies lack of effort to create a truely great version of the space kaiju. Unfortunately, Bandai Creation choosed to closely follow Bandai Japan's mold of Space Godzilla rather than create a different version.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan SpaceGodzilla

Some improvements can be found on Bandai Creation's Space Godzilla. The tail on the U.S. version is more curved and longer than the Japanese version. There are even two points of articulation on the tail of the U.S. version, compared to one point of articulation on Bandai Japan's Space Godzilla. The belly on Bandai Creation's Space Godzilla stands out more and the shoulder crystals appear to have a better sculpt when compared to Bandai Japan's version. Unfortunately, The wide gap of crystal spines found on the back of Bandai Japan's Space Godzilla can also be found on Bandai Creation's version. While the U.S. version's crystal spines is a better sculpt, the wide gap is still noticable, which has always been a big complaint among collectors. Also, the head of Bandai Creation's Space Godzilla lacks ears, as well as the ferocious look more properly displayed on the Japanese version.

Comparision of paint variant SpaceGodzilla

When first released in 2005, Bandai Creation's Space Godzilla did not sport painted highlights on the tusks found on the sides of the head. In early 2006, Bandai Creation's Space Godzilla began to appear on toy store shelves with the tusks painted, another surprising move by Bandai Creation that suggests shipments continued to be made to stores that included this new paint variant of Space Godzilla.

MechaGodzilla 93

While there's very little that can be done to alter the look of MechaGodzilla 93, Bandai Creation did make an attempt to create thier own brand of MechaGodzilla. Unfortunately, the attempt failed in the eyes of the collectors.

While the design of MechaGodzilla 93 is accurately done by Bandai Creation, the body proportions are way off. Bandai Creation's version has a straight up posture with oversized feet, which gives the figure an unnatural look. The upper body is more squared on the U.S version, when compared to round body found on the Japanese version. The arms on Bandai Creation's MechaGodzilla 93 are bulky and the shoulders are too wide. The head is fairly decent, yet lacks the detail found on the Japanese version.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan MechaGodzilla 93

Despite the criticism collectors gave to the second wave of Bandai Creation's Godzilla figures, the toys continued to sell well and even began to be found on the shelves of major retail stores. Yet, majority of collectors felt this second wave of Bandai Creation Godzilla figures would finally be the end of the line.

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