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Crumble Zone

While Bandai Creation's First Wave of 6inch figures and Pack of Destruction set found there way into a popular outlet toy store chain, for unknown reasons, the Crumble Zone playset has yet to be sold at this toy outlet store. Bandai Creation's Crumble Zone could only be found on online auctions and in specialty stores usually marked double the suggested retail price. It wasn't till 2006, the Crumble Zone made its way onto the shelves of a couple of major retail stores. The Crumble Zone playset consists of five kaiju figures, a diorama sheet & base, seven buildings, three vehicles, and a plane. The box has a wide display window where you can clearly view all the figures and accessories. The front top right side of the box features graphic artwork of Godzilla 2000 and the front bottom left displays one of the many Japanese castles that Godzilla has destroyed in his films. The back of the box pictures the full layout for the Crumble Zone and the same caption found on the "Pack of Destruction" playset. The left side of the box pictures the Godzilla 6.5 inch figures. The right side of the box introduces the "Pack of Destruction" playset.

Full Layout for Crumble Zone Playset

The figures are held in place in a plactic tray with a plastic lid placed over them. An instruction sheet is included that explains the contents, setting up, and how to play, as well as saftey precautions. The dioroma features buildings that can be broken and knocked down, a tower that can be knocked over, a platform to launch vehicles, and a collapsable bridge.

Crumble Zone Accessories

The Diorama sheet is a cardboard insert, and while it doesn't suggest this in the instructions, pictures show that the sheet can be cut along with foam, placed on the bottom of the sheet for sturdiness. The only bad thing about the diorama playset is some of the building have a hollow side and not truely three dimensional and that there could've have been more buildings and vehicles added to the playset. There is also a printed error on the instruction sheet that names the Mothra Adult as "Larva" and the Mothra Larva as "Imago". The Crumble Zone is not limited to the figures included and can be played with other toys produced by Bandai Japan.

Bandai Japan Hyper figures on Crumble Zone Playset

The most unique aspect of the Crumble Zone playset is it focuses on the kaiju featured in the Toho film "Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, All Monsters Attack". Bandai Creation's Crumble Zone playset was produced in 2002, yet only knowledged Godzilla fans would be able to identify the playsets tie in to the film since no mention is found on the box. The figures themselves are much different from Bandai Japan's High Grade figures and feature no articulation. The following is a look at each figure in the Crumble Zone playset.

Crumble Zone Godzilla 2002

Godzilla stands 3.5 inches tall and is 4.5 inches long. Godzilla sports a curious look with a large size head and a long thin neck. When compared to Bandai Japan's High Grade Godzilla 2002, Bandai Creation's version towers over it's Japanese counterpart, yet it's not as accurate looking as the High Grade figure.

Crumble Zone & High Grade Godzilla 2002

Crumble Zone Baragon 2002

Baragon is four inches long and is inscale with Godzilla 2002. Bandai Creation's Baragon is pretty faithful in detail and likeness to the way the kaiju appears in the film, but when compared to Bandai Japan's High Grade Baragon, the detail and painted highlights are not as nice as they are on the High Grade version, yet the Bandai Creation Baragon is slightly larger in size than its Japanese counterpart.

Crumble Zone & High Grade Baragon 2002

Crumble Zone Mothra Larva 2002

Bandai Creation's Mothra Larva is four inches long and surprisingly has nice detail, even underneth the figure. The body has slight curves to it, unlike Bandai Japan's versions of Mothra Larva that mainly has the body straight. Bandai Japan did not produce a High Grade Mothra Larva 2002.

Crumble Zone Mothra Adult 2002

Mothra Adult has a near five inch wingspan and is nicely detailed. When compared to Bandai Japan's High Grade Mothra Adult 2002, the Japanese version sports better painted highlights, yet is smaller in size and rests on a post attached to a cocoon base, while the U.S. version rests on it's extended legs and backside. The Bandai Creation Mothra Adult can also rest on the collapsable tower and pointed tip building of the diorama set.

Crumble Zone Mothra Adult 2002 (top side)

Crumble Zone Ghidorah 2002

The true gem of the Crumble Zone playset. Ghidorah 2002 stands 3.5 inches tall and is inscale with Godzilla. Bandai Creation's Ghidorah is possibly the only Ghidorah made with its collapsed wings at the stage before it evolves into King Ghidorah, as it did in the film. When compared to Bandai Japan's High Grade King Ghidorah, the U.S. version wins out with its larger size and better detail, especially in the heads.

Crumble Zone & High Grade King Ghidorah 2002

If you need a reason why you should pick up the Bandai Creation Crumble Zone, Ghidorah is the "must have" reason.

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