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Bandai Creation First Wave Godzilla Series
Pack of Destruction
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Bandai Creation Second Wave Godzilla Series
Bandai Creation Third Wave Godzilla Series
Bandai Creation Fourth Wave Godzilla Series
Bandai Creation 12" Godzilla figures
Bandai Creation Fifth Wave Godzilla Series

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Bandai Creation First Wave Godzilla Series

It was announced in 2002 that Bandai Creation was going to produce Godzilla toys to be retailed in the United States. Godzilla fans were excited and speculated if the figures would be already produced vinyl figures from Bandai Japan or brand new sculpts? News had surfaced that the Bandai Creation figures would be in the six inch and High Grade scale, but they would be new molds consisting of four six-inch sized figures and two playsets.

Slated to be realesed in 2003, One online store was able to obtain the Bandai U.S.A. Godzilla figures and playsets before the new year, making them available before Christmas. While many collectors jumped at the opportunity, others prefered the pleasure of walking into a retail store and buying them off the shelves. So many decided to wait, and wait....and wait.

In an unexpected surprise, the major retail chains, for unknown reasons, elected not to pick up the Bandai Creation Godzilla figures. It's speculated that the results of poor sales from the Threndmasters Tristar Godzilla toys were still fresh in the minds of the major retail sellers and decided to avoid another possible poor outcome. Except for a few comic shops, the only option to obtain the Bandai U.S.A. Godzilla toys were online stores and eBay, with many key items unavailable, overpriced, or sold out. In April of 2003, only one toy outlet store managed to secure some of the toys, but only the six inch figures.

The first wave of Bandai Creation figures consists of Godzilla 54, Burning Godzilla, Gigan, and Rainbow Mothra. It's pretty clear Bandai Creation used samples of these figures from Bandai Japan, yet took it upon themselves to create new molds to showcase thier own brand of vinyl figures. The figures are packaged on a display box with the figures secured by tie wrap. The front of the display box pictures graphic artwork of Godzilla 2000 firing his ray. The back features the line up of the 6.5 inch figures. Here's a look at each figure along with its Japanese counterpart.

Godzilla 54

Bandai Creation fashioned thier Godzilla 54 in the same manner as Bandai Japan's version, as far as pose and facial expression. While the body shape, position of the tail, and the legs of the U.S. version are similar to the Japanese version, the scales on the U.S. version are not as deep and the arms are longer and skinnier. The spines on the U.S. version are different when compared to the Japanese version, but don't prove to be a distraction cause they are done well. The Bandai Creation Godzilla 54 also has a straight up posture, unlike the Japanese version that leans a bit forward.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Godzilla 54

Burning Godzilla

It is an interesting choice for Bandai Creation to go with the Burning Godzilla figure rather than Bandai Japan's Heisei Godzilla. Another interesting aspect of Bandai Creation's Burning Godzilla is that there are no similarities when compared to its Japanese counterpart other than they can both be recognized as a Burning Godzilla.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Burning Godzilla

All body parts of the Bandai Creation Burning Godzilla are different from its Japanese counterpart. The body/arms/legs of the Japanese version is a translucent orange vinyl, while the U.S. version is black vinyl. The tail position of the Bandai Creation figure is different. The body, spines, and arms are a different mold and the only thing comparable is the legs, but not by much.

The heads are completely different when compared. While the Japanese version is more of an accurate look, The U.S. version looks more fierce. The eyes of the U.S. version are more detailed and while the Japanese version has a more straight up posture, the U.S. version is leaning forward this time.


The Bandai Creation Gigan is also a different sculpt when compared to the Japanese version, sporting its own unique look. The only similarity is the tail as far as position goes, but the tail on the U.S. version is larger and sports more scales. The spikes on the tail is larger on the U.S. version, as well as the spikes on the neck and head.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Gigan

The body of the Bandai Creation Gigan is not as round as the Japanese version and the legs on the U.S. version are shorter and closer to the body. The arms are shorter as well. The back fins on the U.S. version are fuller and more spread out, yet not as detailed as the Japanese version.

The head of the Bandai Creation Gigan has a unique look. The eye visor of the U.S. version has a different shape and while both versions display thier mouths closed, the Japanese version shows teeth while the U.S. version's mouth appears completely shut. The head of the U.S version also can turn while there is no articulation for the head of the Japanese version. Bandai Japan's Gigan stands a bit taller than the U.S. version.

Rainbow Mothra

Collectors have mention that Bandai Creation's Rainbow Mothra is much improved over it's Japanese counterpart. Once again, the mold on the U.S. version is different and is slightly smaller than the Japanese version, yet the detail and painted highlights are much better on the Bandai Creation version.

Bandai Creation & Bandai Japan Rainbow Mothra

The painted highlights on the U.S. version are more colorful with both the top and bottom wings painted, unlike the Japanese version, which only has the top of the wings painted. While both versions have thier front arms extended, The U.S. versions arms are more spread out than the Japanese version. The patterns found on the top of the body are slightly different as well.

The head of the Bandai Creation Rainbow Mothra is smaller when compared to the Japanese version, yet is more detailed. The marks on the front of the head and the atteneas are more noticable and sports better painted highlights. It has been mentioned that Bandai Creation's Rainbow Mothra had fewer quantities placed in the box for shipping when compared to the other three figures, making the Rainbow Mothra the harder to find figure.

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