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Bandai Godzilla Ultimate Collection

Remember back when December was "Godzilla Month"? Toho would be releasing the newest Godzilla film and Bandai would be releasing the newest toys from that film. Unfortunetly, all things come to an end. Toho has put Godzilla on hiatus indefinitely and Bandai's output on Godzilla toys have come to a crawl with only one Godzilla item released in December of 2007

Bandai released a new set titled "Godzilla Ultimate Collection". Considered as "Hyper Figures", this new set of figures are made of solid PVC and focus on the kaiju that appeared in the Toho film "Godzilla, Final Wars". The set of six figures consists of two variations of Godzilla 2005, Gigan 2005, Hedorah 2005, Ebirah 2005, and King Seesar 2005. A case consists of eight individual boxes and you don't know which figures you're getting. It appears you are guaranteed a complete set in a case with any combination of the two Godzilla variants, Gigan and Hedorah, or King Seesar and Ebirah as the two extra figures in a case. A great deal of assembly is required on most of the figures with only Godzilla and Ebirah having assembly instructions found on the inside of the box, along with information from Bandai in Japanese. Almost all the figures comes with stands to help support the figure from falling over. Each figure is very accurate to the way the kaiju appeared in the film. Here's a look at each figure from the "Ultimate Collection" set.

Godzilla 2005

Godzilla 2005 stands at four inches tall, yet sports a dynamic pose that fits well when facing off with any of the other monsters in the set. Two variations of Godzilla 2005 were made, yet the only difference is in the spines. One set is made in a solid color and the other is made in a translucent clear.

Godzilla 2005 with solid and clear spines

The legs and tail are required to be assembled. The big surpise was all twenty four spines needed to be attached to Godzilla's back. The spines are secured on trees, like a model, and can be pulled off, yet I found it easier to just use wire cutters. The spines are numbered and indicated as left, center, and right. While it was easy to attach the spines, it was difficult to identify the translucent clear spines as to where they go, but once identified, they were easy to attach. Care must be given not to lose any spines as some are a bit small. Godzilla 2005 comes with a stand, yet doesn't really need it. While the Ultimate Collection Godzilla 2005 is larger than the Hyper Godzilla 2005 released in 2005, the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2005 stands above it.

Movie Monster Series, Ultimate Collection, & Hyper Godzilla 2005

Gigan 2005

Ultimate Collection Gigan 2005 is a stunning representaion. Very detailed and accurate. The eye visor is a translucent red and the figure is more of a deeper metallic blue, which comes off much better than the lighter blue often found on this figure. Gigan 2005 stands just over five and a half inches. The spikes found on Gigan are nicely seperated and surprisingly, very sharp.

Gigan 2005 (side view)

The legs and tail required assembly, as well as the arm claws and spiked end of tail. The wings needed to be attached together then secured to the back of the figure, which proved to be a challenge. Gigan's head also needed to be attached, yet care must be given for the left pincher needs to be attached and is a bit small and can be lost. The figure comes with a stand, yet does not need it. Ultimate Collection Gigan 2005 is larger than the Hyper version released in 2005, yet the Movie Monster Series version stands over it.

Movie Monster Series, Ultimate Collection, & Hyper Gigan 2005

Hedorah 2005

One of the highlight figures from the set. Hedorah 2005 is very accurate and has alot of detail. The eyes are done in translucent red yet no detail is done on the pupils. Standing five and a half inches, yet is just over eight inches long.

Hedorah 2005 (side view)

Assembly is a bit easier this time as only the arms, legs and two sections of the tail need to be attached. No stand was included with Hedorah. While the Ulitmate Collection Hedorah 2005 is far more impressive than the Hyper version released in 2005, it's unfortunate that it is not inscale with the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2005. Bandai has yet to include Hedorah 2005 in the Movie Monster Series.

Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2005, Ultimate Collection & Hyper Hedorah 2005

Ebirah 2005

Another highlight from the set. Ultimate Collection Ebirah is another very accurate representation with alot of detail. Ebirah stands below three inches tall, yet is seven inches long. Unlike the other figures that have a stand secured to a leg, Ebirah stand is placed underneth the body. While the figure can hold up on its own, after awhile the weight will eventually give the legs out, so it would be best to keep the stand under it.

Ebirah 2005 (front view)

Ebirah 2005 turned out to be the most difficult to assemble. The head, claws and tail need to be attached, yet the feelers and legs were on trees. The legs were numbered and indicated left and right. The legs and feelers were easy to pull off the trees by hand, yet I found it difficult to keep some of the legs and one of the feelers from coming loose. Care must be given not to lose any of the legs and feelers. While the Ultimate Collection Ebirah 2005 is greatly improved over the tiny Hyper version released in 2005, the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2005 towers over the figure. There is no Movie Monster Series Ebirah 2005.

Movie Monster Series GodzillA 2005, Ultimate Collection & Hyper Ebirah 2005.

King Seesar 2005

Ultimate Collection King Seesar 2005 sports alot of detail and is a fine representation. This figure stands at just under five inches tall and was the easiest to assemble, as only the tail needed to be attached. It is also the only figure that has some articulation in its arms.

King Seesar 2005 (side view)

King Seesar 2005 has a difficult time standing up without and even with its stand as the figure likes to fall forward. While greatly improved over the Hyper version released in 2005, the Ultimate Collection King Seesar still doesn't come close to the size of the Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2005. There is no Movie Monster Series King Seesar 2005.

Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2005, Ultimate Collection, & Hyper King Seesar

Bandai's new Ultimate Collection set would make a great series, but it questions whether Bandai would continue with another set adding other monsters from "Final Wars" such as Kaiser Ghidorah, Kamakiras, Kumonga, and even Zilla. As nice as a series like this would be, collectors would way perfer six inch versions of these kaiju. Bandai has proven they can make these kaiju representaions, why not add them to the Movie Monster Series? As unlikely as that may be, a countinued series of the Ultimate Collection also appears unlikely. Makes me wonder why the set is called "Ultimate Collection" to begin with.

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