Finding Treasure
Amada Widecollection Limited Gold Godzilla Card

2005 was a year I'll never forget. It was Godzilla's 50th Anniversary and Toho and the City of Los Angeles was going to have a big celebration for him by proclaiming "Godzilla Week". Godzilla would have a float as part of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, Godzilla would get its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the premiere of "Godzilla, Final Wars" will be shown at the famous Chinese Theater.

I hosted several of my friends that flew in from varous parts of the east coast to attend the events. Being the host that I am, I took everyone to various collector shops, ate at one of Los Angeles Histroic eating places and ended the evening at Universals CityWalk.

One of the stops we made was at Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo. At first, I didn't do too much looking around. I didn't plan to spend money and really didn't expect to see anything I wanted. Eventually, I did look around and was very shocked to see for sale, the Amada Widecollection Limited Godzilla Gold card.

Early in my collecting, I became very interested in Godzilla trading cards. I was able to find them in various collector shops, but grew fustrated trying to complate sets. I grew real facinated with the Amada Widecollection Godzilla/Mothra set. These were very wide cards that focused on the Mothra 96 film and all of the Godzilla films up to "Destroyah". There were several special cards like the foil Godzilla cards, the transparent Godzilla/Mothra cards, and the very rare Godzilla Gold card.

Amada Widecollection Godzilla rare foil cards

The Godzilla Gold card was limited and even numbered, unfortunately I don't know the number of cards it's limited to. The only way to get the card was if you were lucky enough to find an order form that was randomly placed in the package. Naturally, the form was in Japanese making it very difficult for an American to send in the form without a little help from a Japanese friend. If you were even lucky enough to come across a Godzilla Gold card for sale, asking price would be upwards to $100.

So not only was I surpised to see the Godzilla Gold card, I was very surpised to see the asking price was a mere $28. I thought for sure one of my friends would have seen the card and jumped on it, but luckly I scored on a heck of a deal.

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